Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom


Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Occupation Plastic Surgeon
Voiced by Matt Stone
First Appearance Tom's Rhinoplasty
Last Appearance Members Only


The owner and head surgeon at Tom's Rhinoplasty, Dr. Tom is a friendly, handsome doctor who enjoys helping people repair God's nasal-based mistakes using computer-based technology and plastic surgery. He works with Sharon Marsh and a "know-it-all" named Tammy Bretts at his shop, and has an admiration for actor David Haselhoff and offers a custom nose job based on it. Herbert Garrison is one of his more well-known and returning customers. Dr. Tom was also a big fan of SoDoSoPa and made sure his store would be sparkly clean for the arrival of the Whole Foods Inspector.

Close Friends

Sharon Marsh is Dr. Tom's receptionist, and she seems quite fond of him. Dr. Tom is also noted for operating on Herbert Garrison on multiple occasions.

Featured Episodes

Video Games

South Park: The Stick of Truth

If the player requests a procedure from Sharon at Tom's Rhinoplasty, they can enter a second room where an unseen Dr. Tom will perform the operation. Dr. Tom does not physically appear and cannot be added as a friend.

Bonus Factoids