George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin


Gender Male
Age 65
Hair Color Gray
Occupation Author
Religion Agnostic
Voiced by Matt Stone
First Appearance A Song of Ass and Fire
Last Appearance Titties and Dragons


This famous author of fantasy novels lives almost completely undisturbed in his New Mexico home, writing his books and mercilessly killing characters that everyone knows and loves. You also won't find another human alive who's more obsessed with wieners, or "wennies", than George R. R. Martin - and he prefers the floppy and gay ones, since they're non-threatening, according to Butters Stotch. He also prefers riding horses to other modes of transportation for similarly phallic reasons. He makes a rare public appearance at the South Park Mall where his obsession becomes his downfall as a shopper kills him for exposing himself to them all for a poem. He has a habit of promising things that haven't arrived yet but don't worry, they're coming, they're on their way.

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