George Bush

George W. Bush


Gender Male
Age 68
Hair Color Gray
Occupation Former President of the United States
Wife Laura Bush
Predecessor Bill Clinton
Successor Barack Obama
Voiced by Timothy Bottoms (season 5) Trey Parker and Matt Stone (seasons 6-11)
First Appearance Super Best Friends
Last Appearance Britney's New Look


The former Governor of Texas and later the forty-third President of the United States, George "Dubaya" Walker Bush is incredibly stupid and inept, often manipulated mercilessly by military advisers in the White House to do things like invade random locations and sending trained wild boars after Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. During his second term in office, his intelligence levels out, informing the press of the existence of the First Amendment during the Muhammed crisis and orchestrating the 9/11 conspiracy conspiracy. He also honored Randy Marsh for his record-breaking crap. Surprisingly enough, President Bush was nowhere to be found on election day in 2008, allowing Barack Obama early access to the White House...


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