Mr. Mouse

Mickey Mouse


Gender Male
Age 86
Hair Color Black
Occupation Disney CEO
Aliases Mickey, Mr. Mouse
Voiced by Trey Parker
First Appearance Imaginationland
Last Appearance Obama Wins!


The greedy, power-hungry CEO of the Walt Disney Corporation, Mr. Mouse is an egotistical anthropomorphic mouse from Valhalla who believes he controls the world. Verbally and physically abusive to his employees, including the world-famous Jonas Brothers and those who oppose him - unless he needs to cut a deal to get what he wants - he can grow to enormous sizes and breathe fire. If he needs help from an old enemy (such as Eric Cartman) to get something he wants, he's happy to do proper business, as long as it isn't with DreamWorks. With billions of dollars in brand names and merchandising, from classic Disney films to Marvel's super heroes and George Lucas' classic Star Wars saga, even major gaffes on national television aren't enough to bring this mouse down.

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