Mr. Stevenson

Mr. Stevenson


Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Occupation Hummer Salesman
Aliases Hummer Salesman
First Appearance Obama Wins!
Last Appearance Handicar


Mr. Stevenson is the sole known employee of the Stevenson Hummer dealership in South Park, right across from Cafe Monet. He's always looking across the street and offering people to test-drive his cars, or offering them Rocktober/Rockvember/Rocksummer sales bargains, but there aren't many takers. The dealership is so forgotten and ignored, in fact, that when Eric Cartman stashes thousands of stolen election ballots for Mitt Romney there, nobody noticed for days. He wasn't pleased when Handicar was launched by Timmy Burch and he teamed up with a bunch of pissed off cabbies, Nathan and Mimsy to take Timmy's company out. He participated in the Wacky Races return and tried to help Dotty Applegate. His Hummer was totaled by Elon Musk and he was last seen unconscious or possibly dead in the wreck, so his current fate is unknown.

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