Laura Tucker

Laura Tucker

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Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Aliases Craig's Mom
Religion Roman Catholic
Husband Thomas Tucker
Son Craig Tucker
Daughter Craig's Sister
Mother-in-Law Grandma Tucker
Voiced by Formerly: Mary Kay Bergman, April Stewart
First Appearance Tweek vs. Craig


Laura Tucker is Craig's adoring mother and Thomas Tucker's wife. While she can be stern at times, and their family is probably best known for their love of flipping the bird, she and her husband still care deeply about their son. She and her husband seem to have a supportive and stable marriage, even when the other men in the town make fun of her. She is one of the less prominent parents, even among the other South Park mothers.

She became world famous when three totally unknown individuals leaked a video of her undressing that showcased a thick "bush" of pubic hair that shocked audiences worldwide, a video that acquired three hundred million views. She appeared on national television to speak out against the ensuing drone crisis, and according to the Minstrel, she bravely using said bush to fly and lead the drones away.

According to Jimmy Valmer and newspeople alike, she should probably invest in some Hedge Clippers, though she and her husband disagree.

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Laura's relationship with her family hasn't been explored in-depth much. She seems to have a good and caring relationship with her son, Craig, and while she and her husband may argue sometimes, when things are rough, they're quite close and loving.





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