U. S. Army Generals

U. S. Army Generals


Gender Male
Age 50s-60s
Hair Color Black or Gray
Occupation U. S. Army General
Religion Multiple
Commander-in-Chief President of the United States
Voiced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone
First Appearance South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut


These are the brave and generic leaders of the United States military, generally tough-voiced men in their sixties or seventies who generally seem to believe they're doing the best for their country, one way or another. They typically try to approach new and unfamiliar things by turning them into a potential weapon or using top secret government projects, like Project Imagination Doorway. They can often be paranoid or gullible if something is presented as a matter of national security and by nature, these guys can be a little quick to beat the war drum. Their top secret, strictly classified information often falls into the hands of fourth graders like Kyle Broflovski.

Though they are capable of manipulation when they feel national security is at stake, they are generally at the command of the executive branch, with the President of the United States serving as their commander-in-chief, though they may also answer to Cabinet Members, such as the Secretary of Homeland Security. They work together out of the Pentagon.


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