Carol McCormick

Carol McCormick


Gender Female
Age 20s-30s
Hair Color Red
Occupation Dishwasher at Olive Garden
Aliases Carol McCormick
Religion Roman Catholic
Husband Stuart McCormick
Son Kenny McCormick
Son Kevin McCormick
Daughter Karen McCormick
Father In-Law Grandpa McCormick
Voiced by 1997-1999: Mary Kay Bergman, 2000-2003: Eliza J. Schneider* Current: April Stewart
First Appearance Starvin' Marvin



Carol is Kenny's mom. Much like her husband, she loves to booze and isn't afraid to have the occasional domestic dispute. She's most commonly seen in her "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt, although more recently has shown that yes, she does indeed have more than one piece of clothing.

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Kenny McCormick
Karen McCormick
Kevin McCormick
Stuart McCormick
Grandpa McCormick

Close Friends

Sharon Marsh
Sheila Broflovski
Linda Stotch
Laura Tucker
Liane Cartman

Alter Egos

Young Mrs. McCormick (Mysterion Rises)


McCormick Residence

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Myths & Legends

What's in a Name?

For twenty-one years, Mrs. McCormick was the official name for Kenny's mom, who remained unidentified in the show or even in scripts. Early fansites sometimes called her 'Peggy', while 'Susan' later became a popular fanon nickname.

Since around the show's ninth season, fans dubbed her consistently Carol McCormick; the name Carol was previously applied to Sharon Marsh, Sheila Broflovski and Linda Stotch before their final names were decided. The only potential canon connection to this character is a highly ambiguous statement in "Cripple Fight", in which Randy Marsh, Stuart, and Mr. Grazier discuss their wives and one of their wives, a 'Carol' is said to manage a girl scout troop.

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, during the night mission to confront Professor Chaos, her name is finally revealed in canon, as she argues with her husband, who angrily proclaims "Give me back the fucking pipe, Carol!"


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