Up the Down Steroid

Up the Down Steroid


Season s08
Episode e03
Written By Trey Parker
Production Code 0803
Original Air Date 2004-03-24

Episode Chronology




Jimmy and Timmy are training to participate in the Special Olympics in Denver. When Cartman discovers that the event's top athlete gets $1,000, he decides to fake a disability and win the cash.

In order to pass as "disabled," Cartman trains in classic South Park fashion -- with a montage. Backed by the song "Push It to the Limit," he practices making stupid faces, gives himself a horrendous haircut, starts wearing a bicycle helmet at all times, and carefully studies the behavior of kids riding the "short bus." He even convinces his mom to accompany him when he signs up to participate.

Meanwhile, Jimmy decides to improve his chances by juicing up on steroids. Soon he outperforms everyone -- but at a terrible price. First, he's shamed when Timmy discovers what he's doing. Then, in a fit of 'roid rage, Jimmy beats up his girlfriend and his mother.

However, when game day comes, all that juicing helps Jimmy dominate the Special Olympics competition. Things don't go so well for Cartman, however. Though he possesses no mental or physical disabilities, he's so fat and out of shape that he's soundly beaten in every event.

Jimmy claims first place at the awards ceremony, while Cartman, who came in last, is given a "spirit award" -- a gift certificate to Shakey's Pizza. But when he steps forward to claim his prize, Jimmy furiously accuses him of cheating -- and then realizes the irony of one cheater accusing another. He confesses to using steroids, renounces his medal, and promises to return next year to compete "with honor."

Cartman, attempting to salvage the situation, tells his friends that he pretended to be disabled just to teach Jimmy about the evils of steroid abuse. Not surprisingly, no one buys it.

What I Learned Today

"I know now that even if you do win on steroids, you're really not winners. You're just a pussy; you're just a big fat pussy. And if you take steroids, the only decent thing to do is come forward and say, 'Remove me from the record books, because I am a big, stinky pussy, steroid-taking jackass.'"

Memorable Quotes


Stan Marsh
Kyle Broflovski
Eric Cartman
Jimmy Valmer
Timmy Burch
Mr. Mackey
Ryan Valmer
Sarah Valmer
Liane Cartman
Barry Bonds
Jason Giambi
Mark McGuire


Michael's Parents

Special Olympics President

Character Debuts

Nathan, the steroid pusher, and Nancy, Jimmy's girlfriend.



Denver Athletic Club
Valmer Residence


Behind The Scenes

Where Did The Idea Come From

For years Matt and Trey toyed with the notion of Cartman sneaking into the Special Olympics, but the concept didn't seem strong enough to carry an entire show. Adding the steroid abuse angle gave them enough meat to make an episode.

Pop Culture References


Bonus Factoids

We see the kids playing the Investigative Reports With Bill Kurtis Board Game -- last seen in Season Four's "Cartman Joins NAMBLA."

Timmy adds a new word to his vocabulary in this episode: "Jimmy."

Although he was originally introduced as Jimmy Swanson in "Krazy Kripples" , Jimmy's last name from this point forward is "Valmer."

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